Find my bridge friends

Playing bridge offers different rewards depending on who you play with.

To find your group, please take a moment and take the test below.

There is no wrong answer! YOUR answer will help you find YOUR people.

Here is the test:

You, North, pick up this hand: ♠ A 3 2 A 3 2 A 4 3 2 ♣ A Q J 2
With your opponents passing, South, your partner deals and opens 1NT (showing 15-17 HCP).
You do the math, and jump to 4NT, a quantitative raise, inviting your partner to bid 6NT with a maximum.
Your partner jumps to 6NT, which ends the auction.
Your partner will now be the declarer.
To your right, West leads the ♣3.
You put your hand down as the dummy.
Upon seeing it, your partner spreads his hand on the table: ♠ K Q J 4 K Q 4 K Q J ♣ 6 5 4
and announces: "I claim 12 tricks: 4 in spades, 3 in hearts, 4 in diamonds, and 1 in clubs, the Ace, that's 12. Thank you partner for the great bid!"

What are you thinking?

Click on your answer:

Either: 12 tricks bid and made! Yay! Next hand!

Or: Hmmm.

No wrong answer!

(Full disclosure: It is ok to be part of both groups, as long as one remembers to adjust one's mindset each time.)